Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Classes of Light Workers III

Hello Soul Family!

In this message I will introduce you to the final three classes of Light Workers.

Are Light Workers who receive messages from Higher Sources including; Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, ETs, Cetaceans, the Higher Councils etc. They share these messages that contain codes and frequencies through books, movies, videos and blogs in order to assist in the awakening of humanity. The Davinci Code, E.T, The Matrix and The Shack were all created for the purpose of Awakening the Collective Conscious.

Divine Blueprint Weavers:
These are Light Workers who have access to the Akashic Records during the dream state. They are able to bring information into consciousness where it can be manifested into physical form. Some of these Light Workers are channeling new technologies and information from ET scientists who are in non- physical form. Many Indigos, Rainbow, Crystal, New children and ET Walk-ins are here in this capacity to weave in Light in order to co-create positive changes for the highest good of all.

Ascension Guides & Wayshowers:
Ascension Guides are teachers of the Ascension process. They share their experiences and lessons they have learned in order to help other through the Ascension process.

Wayshowers are awakened beings in physical form. They have fully embodied the Ascension process and are shining their Light on others. They dedicate their life to truth, have transcended fear and are able to live in the present moment. These Light Workers live simple lives and trust that all of their needs are met.

I love you all,