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Classes of Light Workers II

Hello Soul Family!

In this message I will introduce you to three more classes of Light Workers.

Third Eye or Future Seers:
This group of Light Workers is also known as clairvoyants who can see into the future. They are excellent at personal and instant manifestation.

Seeing into the future, may also cause seers to feel isolated from and misunderstood by others. The trouble is that knowing the outcome can distract them from the process and they can be stopped before they've begun. Make sure reality coincides with your expert third eye so you can lovingly help others and yourself.

Blueprint Workers:
Hold the Divine Blueprint for the Awakened Earth and the whole of Humanity and much like the frequency and Third Eye Light Workers, you may be seen as weird or on drugs. Holding the Blueprint for the New Earth is possible and there are many like you who have ramped up their Frequencies. It is up to you to manifest this through your own speech and actions.

Astral Travelers:
Are those who pay attention to dreams and out of body experiences. In becoming a lucid dreamer, you can voluntarily enter the Akashic records and discover what contracts or agreements need to be changed in your own records so your life is one of harmony and peace.

I love you all,