Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Claim Your Power

Now is the time to claim your power. Act, receive and apply your intention to whatever is worth working on in the God Flow and gather results. Manifest and see this happening in reality. The only way this occurs is when the event is in the flow of unconditional love and God's energy.

Everything which is selfish or ego centered will not manifest. Everything for humanity, to balance Gaia, by balancing the energy is a go.

Ask, claim new tools, support, energy, and guidance to manifest through intention.

Feel guided and supported from above and below as if you are flying. It’s not only that you are supported on your way but are supported in your movement that presents no resistance to where you see yourself to be in the New Gaia structure or New Gaia. This support may not be noticeable in the beginning. You may still think that you are operating in the old energies. The more you pay attention, the more you will start noticing the new pictures, the new flows. The more you notice it the more help will come. By your wish to be supported, you are accelerating the support itself. By asking for support, you are actually bringing everything and everyone who is working in the Flow in same direction as you.

You are in the middle of the Flow. You are surrounded by the Flow that is swirling like a spiral. It is impossible to get out of this movement. You are supported by all of this energy because you are carrying the energy. By going forward like a spiral, you are helping the others by paving the way, creating a path and the new space around it. Everyone working in the same direction is getting the support from you, from your movement.

Hugs and love to all of you,