Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Bring the Energy from the Central Sun Into Your Life

The Light energy coming from the higher dimensions and the Central Sun is going to Gaia and Gaia is sending the energy back to the Central Sun. Humanity is the connective layer between these two energies that are bringing, transmuting and spreading Light energy into your world while working with this energy on Gaia.

The layers are so close that your work is very intense and simpler because you don't have to intentionally hold the spaces that connect you. These spaces are already moving towards to each other. You are bringing this energy into your life, into your world. You are drawing this energy much faster into the work you are doing.

The application of this energy going through you into your daily groups, individuals and social activities is now your main focus. You are getting enough energy and tools to apply this energy. Do not hold, accumulate or condense this energy. Utilize this energy and work with it by allowing it to pass through you as fast as possible. Radiate it to other people, and activities so they can use it for their creative purposes of Ascension and to raise the collective vibration.

Each of you is a beam of Light moving at warp speed between the higher dimensions and the Central Sun going back and forth to and from Gaia. You are like lightning, enlightening all you touch by spreading, utilizing, sending and multiplying this Light energy to be received by others.

Now is the time to take personal responsibility by using this energy in more powerful ways than before. Understand that the speed of change is ramping up, increasing the potential and results of your work. How can you facilitate this?

Work with the sun at sun rise or sun set. Receive the energy from the sun. Ask that this energy be utilized in your daily activities. Intentionally bring the energy from the Central Sun into your life on earth.

You can also do this when you walk barefoot or by put your feet or hands in water, a river, stream, ocean, or lake, or just by taking a bath or a shower. Intentionally bring this energy from Gaia through you to harmonize everything around you.

Hugs and love to all of you,