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Blue Ice Crystals

Large Blue Ice Crystals with Sleeping Giant in the Background

Blue ice crystals have recently accumulated on the shore of Lake Superior in Canada near the Sleeping Giant Peninsula. These large blue crystals carry the frequencies of Gaia's new Crystalline Grid that was anchored through the Sleeping Giant at the end of February 2020.

Gaia is radiating frequencies to support humanity at this time. Frequencies of compassion, community and putting others’ interests ahead of your own.

The crystals are bringing beauty, purity and the core of what is happening now to your visual senses so you can see the beauty of the work that you collectively are presently doing.

You can liken this to the awakening of Lemurian layers in your DNA and in your aura to connect you to this new level of co-creation and compassion. You realize the work you are doing through the beauty of what is being shown to you on the physical level.

The energies that are coming into these blue crystals are coming from your ancestors, grandmothers, grandfathers and creators from the Pleiadeans and Arcturus. It’s like a mutual portal that will be present and radiating for you and everyone throughout the spring. The crystals will melt into the water, carrying the messages and frequencies through the underground water table and water ways throughout Gaia.

Through the current situation of the Corona virus, you realize how you are connected not only physically but at a much higher level. Learn to work with each other remotely not through technology but through your energetic fields and multidimensionality. It’s a wakeup call for all of you that enough, is enough. It is time to get out of your 3D body and work from your higher consciousness.

Love to All,