Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Blanket of Love

Wrap yourself in a blanket of love. Allow a lot of space between you and the chaotic reality around you. This space will allow God's love, tenderness, peace, and quiet to be with you and in you. In other words, the farther you put the borders of the blanket and depths of these covering layers of Light, Peace and Love, the easier you will pass through this period of shift. Each of you has personal buttons that can be pressed by the current situation.

They are like little spikes in our Quantum Field. Make sure that these particular spikes are doubly, or triply covered or cocooned so that nothing will hurt you from within or without.

The more you stand inside yourself in connection to your Higher Self, the easier it will be to do your best soothing practices often. Reserve the time, reserve the space, and allow yourself to do this.

Put tasks aside that are not emergencies. Now is the time to nourish this inner child inside of you. Really feel yourself as if you are Mother Mary breast feeding Jesus Christ. This little baby is you. Nourish yourself with the best of the best. Little tiny surprises, little tiny gifts, a smile or kind word are what is called for.

Do not hesitate to give and receive compliments. Call and talk to your friends, family, and those whom you love. By doing this, you are giving love to yourself. Totally avoid any kind of confrontation or disagreements. This is not the right time.

Keep the image of bubbles of love. Sounds of the ocean, the whales, and the dolphins. Communicate with animals. Research projects that bring out the beauty in you.

Nature is one of the best things to be connected to through snow, rain, sun, water, trees, sky, clouds. Wherever you are, be present, be there, and be in this environment. This is all about your essential, internal true connections.

Hugs and Love to all of you,