Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Becoming More Crystalline

Hello Soul Family!

How do you know that you are becoming more crystalline and less carbon based? Right off the bat, several symptoms will appear.

Do you find yourself suddenly extremely sensitive to people and environments? Crowded shopping malls, restaurants and environments are no longer an option.

Is your awareness and psychic ability increasing? You can almost "hear" the inner thoughts and feelings of others and wonder if they can hear you too!

Have you been needing to sleep more and more and find yourself day dreaming? You are now spending more time in the higher dimensions.

Can't figure out why you are depressed? You are releasing old patterns, old energies, just go with the flow.

Anyone having sleep disturbances? Waking up several times a night or at a certain time, 2AM or 3AM? Higher vibrations, codes and frequencies that accompany the higher dimensions are more active at night when the 3rd dimension is quiet.

Ride the Wave with Love, Joy, Peace, Gratitude and Healing and know that you are becoming more of your True Self.

I love you all,