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Balance the Weather Patterns

Let’s balance the weather patterns.

Because you are in so many different locations on Gaia, each of you can help Gaia with everything that she needs to balance. Despite any negative interference or any attempts to artificially manipulate the natural balance of weather patterns, you can be a pillar of balance for Gaia.

For example, someone lives in an area that is receiving significantly less rain than normal resulting in more fires, low or no crop yields, and low water tables etc. This person can start the work, by calling in everybody who is ready to support this work by focusing and setting their intentions in this area to balance Gaia.

Replace your feeling of inability by believing in yourself, in your ability to balance Gaia through your intention. Since Gaia needs your help right now, step up and to start working. Accept your responsibility for Gaia together.

Never forget that you are working multidimensionally. Because of this, your work is more meaningful and result oriented. In the beginning, it seemed that the results were not happening as fast as you planned. Multidimensionality has changed all that.

Make time for this work. It cannot be done on the fly. Even 5 or 10 minutes of concentrated intention will be easily recognizable and will bring together everyone else who wants to work with you by connecting to your intention.

An example, drawing rain to an area to help Gaia bring back the natural balance. Visualize the rain falling. You can even visualize yourself out in the rain smiling and expressing joy and gratitude for the rain falling on you.

You will be supported and guided. Put your intention out and you will get the results.

Hugs and love to all of you,