Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

April 2020

The gift of the month of April is your ability to release from the Akashic Records all the contracts that no longer serve you. Claim all the gifts from your past recorded in your electromagnetic field that will be initiated this month.

Remember, recognize and see in yourself that which is coming into service from your DNA, shining together with the vibrations of the earth's crystals in service to Gaia. Coordinated with the rebirthing and awakening of Gaia, these little crystals in our DNA layer will produce abilities previously unknown for the benefit of every living being and Gaia.

These gifts are from other lifetimes now to be utilized as you go forward. They will come through when needed. Energetic frequencies will draw individuals together to work in collaboration on projects that will create new inventions and technologies.

You can facilitate this process through your intentions by asking the universe on a daily basis what skills, knowledge and wisdom can I bring through that will assist in helping myself, Gaia and humanity to reach their full potential.