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Animal Communication

Hello Soul Family!

Animals are very loving and more than willing to please us. They are very intuitive and even telepathic. However, their ways of understanding are not through words or thoughts. Yes of course you can train a dog, a horse, a cat and other animals too however they do not understand language.

Animals respond to our vibrations and feelings towards them. They can definitely tell if we mean well or not. They also respond to visual images projected to them.

We had a cat for 25 years who we called Delilah. She was very telepathic. When Mom and I were traveling she would suddenly appear in our room know matter where we were in the World. We would telepath with her and tell her we would be home soon. We did this by sending a mental picture of the three of us back home again. Then she would dematerialize.

Remember to send feelings instead of abstract thoughts to your animals and visuals for things you want them to do or know.

I love you all,