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Grandma Chandra's Life Story

Age 3 months (1983) – Chandra began doing sacred Grandma Chandra signs with her fingers called “mudras”. Chandra did the “mudras” for Universal Intelligence and OM.

Age 9 Chandra received a communication machine called the Canon M Communicator. She use this machine to communicate with everyone but her mother. When asked why, she replied to her mother, “Because you have to become telepathic with me.” Cat laughed and said, “Well you’d better train me.” And Chandra did, in her mother’s dreams. Chandra started to perform spontaneous past-life readings with everyone she came into contact. Not bound by the body, Chandra has unbroken past-life recall. Whenever we attended functions with high metaphysical people in attendance, whether they were Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Tibetan or American; they would all bow to Chandra and say, “We are very pleased to be in the presence of this one.”

Age 16 – Chandra was given the title “Grandmother” by Native American Chief Golden Light Eagle who recognized her as an original pipe carrier or wisdom bearer of his race.

Age 17 It was discovered that Chandra “reads” through her fingertips by spinning papers, closed books, magazines etc. She does this with various spiritual/sacred texts when she performs readings for people. After spinning, she then recounts a page in the material and how it pertains to you or someone else in the room.

Age 19 Grandma Chandra was invited to be a presenter at the Psychic Indigo Children Conference on the Big Island (Kona) in Hawaii. After this conference, Chandra began showing people how to find their own personal codes that connect them to their Higher Selves. Grandma said that personal codes enhance ones’ ability to perform their Planetary Mission and have a better understanding of how to achieve it.

Age 20 Gr. Chandra asserted that she is a 12th dimensional being who has come here to guide and teach those whose codes she activates with her readings, oils and MP3, “The Awakening Codes of Grandmother Chandra.” Grandma had email communication with the grandson of Jacques Cousteau whom she told that she wanted a tape of the Whales at 35,000 feet deep. He replied that the ocean is only 25,000 feet deep. Chandra said no and he said you must be talking about a trench and she replied yes it is in the South Pacific. She subsequently received a CD of the Whales at 35,000 feet deep and has translated the message of the Whales to us in her MP3, “WHALESPEAK”.

Gr. Chandra said that she is a “Star Gate Opener”. She began opening star gates during her presentations around the United States. Star gates are non-physical portals, gates, doorways and openings around the planet. They allow only the highest vibratory Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides including Benevolent Extra Terrestrials to come through to assist us and the planet to achieve the next conscious level of Peace and Ascension. Chandra said, “If we do not ask them, they cannot come; even though we all have contracted to awaken to our codes and allow them to assist us. We must ask.” This is the purpose of Star Gate openings.

In July, Chandra was a presenter at the second Psychic Indigo Children’s Conference. There she spoke of the need for all of us to do our Planetary Mission for “time”, as we know it, is speeding up.

In November, Grandma hosted a HARMONIC CONCORDANCE presentation in Scottsdale, Arizona helping people to awaken to their Planetary Missions.

Age 21 Grandma took part in the Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona, Arizona speaking on the axiatonal lines of the subtle body and their relationship to sacred geometry.

In June, Grandma went to Holland for presentations and workshops. There she developed the GRANDMA CHANDRA ATTUNEMENT CHAMBER; a multi-dimensional manifestation chamber that helps us to recover lost parts of ourselves due to being taken by Extra Terrestrials willingly or unwillingly for experiments or teaching.

In November, Grandma flew to Taos, New Mexico to assist Chief Golden Light Eagle, a.k.a. Standing Elk, in working with the energies of the 11:11 that promote changes in the Earth’s morphogenetic field.

In December, Grandma again allied with Chief Golden Light Eagle for a 12:12 presentation in Sedona, Arizona where she spoke of the 12th dimension and how to access it.

Age 22 In March, Grandma pointed to a local map and told us that we must buy a house in north Tempe, Arizona. She chose the house by the Star Gate in its living room and we moved there at the beginning of June. She said that this is a “stepping stone” house to be used to start her “Awakening Center of Grandma Chandra.”

In July, Grandma went to Los Angeles, California for a presentation at the Earth and Sky Lodge. While there, she telepathed with some highly placed musicians. One of the musicians taped her drumming and said, she is drumming the sounds of the spheres according to the Pythagorean theorem.” J.B., Los Angeles

Age 23 Grandma went to Hawaii to meet with some quantum physicists to consult on a project there. She also did a presentation where she brought in 72 Light Codes or glyphs that help us with Ascension.

In September, Grandma presented at a conference in San Diego, California. She talked on the importance of all of us helping the Planet to Ascend and introduced her Chamber.

Age 24 In San Diego, California Grandma presented with Laurie Reyon Anderson, animal communicator of Expand Your Consciousness who arranged a Whale/Dolphin boat trip and a group reading.

In June, Grandma returned to Holland to consolidate a Core Group there to continue her work of Planetary Ascension.

Age 25 Grandma spent time traveling to various states doing presentations/journeys/activations to awaken people to their Planetary Missions.

Age 26 Grandma again traveled to Holland, she said that this is the new Light Center of the Planet that will raise world consciousness. She formed a Core Group there who is telepathic with her. They receive messages from her while continuing their own work on a more powerful level. They are being guided to do Grandma’s work as well.

Grandma also formed a combined Core Group of European and Americans who attend her bi-monthly teleseminars. She leads them to work on upholding the grid around the Earth to prevent cataclysmic catastrophes in preparation for 2012.

Age 27 Grandma placed a dream into a Hawaiian Kahuna’s mind to have him and various Native Americans gather in July in New Mexico. With the help of the audience, G’ma brought in 13 New Whale Codes.

In August, she visited Hopi elders and connected with a Shaman who took G’ma to Prophecy Rock, which tells the history of the world according to the Hopis.

Together with Chief Golden Light Eagle, she translated the symbols left at the Socorro, New Mexico crash in the early 1950′s. Grandma said that she and Many Lightnings, the Chief’s wife, were ETs there who morphed into another dimension when their ship crashed.

In September, Grandma presented her 13 New Whale Codes in San Diego, California and physically called in two rare blue whales on the boat trip

In October/November, Grandma was again in Holland for activations/presentations. She connected with a couple of her English clients who opened a school for Star children by working multi dimensionally with Grandma.

Age 29 Gma did a presentation in an old Castle in Holland. The participants asked Gma now that it’s 2012 will the veils be lifted so we can see other dimensional beings? Gma had everyone surround this ancient tree in mediation and she showed them the Green Female Living Being of the Tree who smiled at everyone. Grandma also said that any being that we perceive as negative is just a part of our selves that needs to be reclaimed and reintegrated.

White Whale Center in Belgium near Antwerp is built over an actual grave yard of whales. This was the Diamond Center of the World. This is where G’ma created the Diamond Whale Oil.

In December of 2012 Gma was with Chief Golden Light Eagle in Arizona celebrating the end of the Mayan Calendar and ushering in the New Earth Energies. This is where she created her New Earth Oil 2012 and Beyond.

Age 30 In April of 2013 Chandra celebrated her 30th birthday with a Big Party of 75 people as well as many internet well wishers.

Grandma and Cat went to Florida and took the training to use the Quantum Reflex Integration Machine “QRI” that helps to integrate dormant reflexes. Click here to see Grandma’s progress with the QRI machine from May 2013 to the present.

In October of 2013 in Dubai Gma was invited to present at a yoga gathering and poured her energy into the room heating it up. It was like a sauna in there. She also created her Arabian Nights’ chakra oils.

In the fall of 2013 when Gma returned to Arizona she introduced her healing green laser. She had some incredible results. One client was bedridden and after several treatments they were able to walk without a walker and drive a car.

In January of 2014 Gma did a whale boat trip with Laurie Reyon and morphed into a spinner dolphin and jumped on the back of a blue whale. Laurie yelled “Gma!” when Cat asked Gma why she did that she replied, “because I like to go fast!” The captain said that in the 30 years he has been doing whale boat trips he has never seen anything like that.

In the spring of 2014 Gma and Cat met in Utah with some soul family members who comprised the group known as the 8 Pointed Star. These are ETs who are very connected to Dolphin and Whale energy. They carry the “Golden Dolphin Code” that will help to transition this planet to a higher dimensional frequency much like it used to be, where humans can live in harmony in the “Pod mind” or Unity Consciousness just like the Whales and Dolphins.

In July she visited Chief and Joan in Wisconsin and decided she wants to move to there to live in community.

In the fall of 2014 Grandma did several presentations with Chief Golden Light Eagle in Tennessee and Colorado. She has made a lot of physical progress due to the QRI machine. Click here to read more.

In February of 2015 Gma will visit Chief and Joan in Wisconsin.