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A New Royal Son

This royal baby boy symbolizes the balance between the masculine and feminine energies. He will "remember" early on who he was and his mission. This also has to do with the end of the monarchy as we know it. A New Era is about to begin with the Royals.

As the monarchy changes, especially when the Queen chooses to step down or transition, a new way of being will emerge, a shift from service to self to service to humanity. The new monarchy will use their notoriety to be of service to all in many new ways. They will be doing much more traveling and connecting worldwide sharing the love and giving hope to so many.

The younger generation is already in line with these energies as they are following in their mother Diana's foot-steps and continuing the legacy that she started. Harry and Meghan are very connected to Africa because of her ancestry but also because they both were together in Africa in a previous life. They will bring positive change to the country which is so desperately needed at this time.

About the royal baby's name: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Archie means "genuine", "bold" or "brave". Harrison means "son of Harry" which he is. Mountbatten and Windsor are the names of the royal family. Harry and Meghan have chosen not to use a courtesy title for their son, so he will instead be known as Master Archie.

There will be a lot of privacy away from the paparazzi for Harry, Meghan and their new family member.

I love you All,