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9-9 Gateway

The 9-9 Gateway September 9, 2020 represents the closing of the Lions' Gate. The number nine is 3x3x3, or triple 3 which represents the Trinity.

High frequencies coming to Gaia at this time will amplify all sacred powers that you were working with including the Male and Female principles bringing them into balance on a multidimensional level. You have been working on balancing the masculine and feminine energies in 3D.

Now, at the end of the Lions' Gate, you are sending this work from the 3D into multidimensionality. The 3x3x3 is a geometric progression which reflects itself multidimensionally through all the dimensions.

Your work here on Gaia is being reflected everywhere bringing the masculine and feminine into balance. This balance is creating the space for Creator/Source's power, energy and blessings to be with you. Now you are doing less and less with your hands and feet and are inviting this third party of Oneness or Godness into you, so it's a being, a presence, instead of a doing, balancing these two principles.

Hugs and Love to all of you,