Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

7/7 Gateway July 7, 2020

The 7/7 Gateway on July 7, 2020 will activate all Gaia’s pyramids that you have been working with, individually and in different separate groups. Now all the work will be done collectively.

Humanity’s Consciousness has risen to the point that you can finally absorb and consume the meanings of these pyramids on Earth. Instead of just being amazed, surprised, and fascinated by them, you can finally start working with them on equal terms utilizing their energies that were saved and waiting for you. This is like a download that reveals, unfolds and unwraps all the potential, the messages and the tools that were sacredly saved for you to access now.

Each of you will be called to work with a particular pyramid, a group of pyramids, and a group of people. You have already started preparing for this work. After the 7/7 Gateway opens, you will work more consciously. This will be reflected in your life on the conscious level.

Start watching for or start feeling this vibrational call that will be sent to you. When you get this call, respond to it and look for the work that you are suppose to do, the group of people you are supposed to work with or the task that you will be assigned to.

Ask for clarification during sleep and receive more information in the dream time. You can also ask for clarity in your meditations or call on me to come assist you when you get closer to your goal, task and mission.

Hugs and Love to all of you,