Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

14 Dimension

Hello Soul Family!

On December 21, 2017 Planet Earth and many Lightworkers ascended to the 14th Dimension.

The 14th Dimension like the 14th Chakra is where you surrender the mental mind and allow the Divine Mind to work through you. The color of this dimension is deep blue/violet. The 14th Dimension is also the home of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins bringing Love, Peace, Bliss and the Light of Illumined Consciousness.

In this time of Love and Unity Consciousness within and all around you, it is time for you to connect to Divine Mind in all its magnificence working through you, in every cell of your body. Ask for and receive the Opening of ALL the Gates of the Universe.

Your consciousness together with that of ALL humanity and of the Earth is changing at a tremendous rate with each cycle of night and day. As you change, embracing Divine Mind, this will spread to all Human Consciousness and that of Gaia herself. Allow Divine Mind to anchor sacred new knowledge within you that will be embedded into your energetic bodies helping all with whom we are in contact.

I love you all,