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Mom and I met some new friends who own a hobby farm near Bisbee. While visiting their farm I met their little dog Sweetpea. She is a Boston Terrier who is just over a year old. Sweetpea went crazy when she saw me. She licked my hands, neck, ears and face and ran all over the place. After about a half an hour of playing Sweetpea disappeared. When we went to leave mom asked where Sweetpea was. Her owner went looking for her and found her sleeping under the bed. Sweetpea never sleeps under the bed. Mom looked at me and I said "yes mom, I did that, I knocked Sweetpea out." :)

Sweetpea used to be my dog in the 15th century when I lived in Ireland.  This is why she got so excited when she saw me.

My hand coordination continues to improve. I have always eaten with a spoon but recently have started to use a fork.