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Gma's Progress Spring of 2017

Mom and I have enjoyed our first year in Bisbee.  We love our new home.  The temperatures are cool here in the winter which is okay as we simply wear warmer clothes.  It's much more comfortable here in the summer than it was in Mesa.  

We've made lots of new friends and get to spend time regularly with our soul family members Maggie, Susan, Rocky, Tara and Jeanie.  Mom often takes me over to Maggie's place to drum which I really enjoy :)

We've had the Telsa machine for 5 months now and it's helping me a lot.  I'm singing more when I drum which I never did before. My fine motor coordination is improving too as well as my balance.  I move around more fluidly and more easily.  I am also able to hold eye contact and follow others' conversations and smile at what they are saying, which I never used to do.  

I am now able with mom holding me under the arms, to step up into the car (a Toyota Rav 4) and slide my butt back onto the seat.  I am also helping to pull the seat belt across my body. Then I reach across and pull the car door shut. This is completely new for me as I've always depended on others to put me in the car, do the seat belt up for me and close the door.