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Gma's Progress Winter 2016

Gma at the parkRecently I have had a few new accomplishments that I am so happy to share with you. On February 21st, Mom received an updated Quantum Reflex Integration laser. This is a much more powerful laser than the original one that we have been using for the last three years.

In the two days that we have used the upgraded machine, I have had four major changes. The first when I am using the toilet, I usually wiggle around to position myself. For the first time ever, I stood up and repositioned myself when the seat didn’t feel right.

Second I have opened my hands so my fingers are out straight. Usually my hands are a little closed, not in a ball or a fist but slightly closed.

Third Mom stands behind me when I am on the walker and she is dressing me. To put on my jeans Mom taps my leg and I lift it and put it into the leg of the jeans. Then I used to put my foot back on the floor and Mom would wiggle the pant leg until she got it all the way on. Now, after I put my foot into the jeans, I stretch my leg to the side so Mom can just pull up my jeans easily.

Fourth many of you know that my Mom is a fantastic cook. Usually each night Mom and I go through a list of several options for dinner. Last night, I gave Mom a complete recipe which she made and it was delicious.Click here to see the recipe.