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For the month of September Gma is offering a special discount on her new product the Ultra TesserAnkh.

Gma has created the Ultra TesserAnkh in order to connect you to the Crystalline Dolphins in the Quantum Light Field. The Ultra Tesserankh represents the 8th fold Right Path traveled by the Self-Awakened Ones or Ascended Masters whom the New Crystalline Dolphins are part.  The Ultra TesserAnkh is made of Polished Gold over stainless steel and is 4" x 4".

Benefits of having the Ultra TesserAnkh are:

  • Connects you to the Quantum Light Field (where Gma lives and works using Light Language) to bring in the Higher Frequencies of Light through the Crystalline Dolphins.
  • Clears obstacles at a subatomic level
  • Enables the Embodiment of your True Life Mission ie bringing in Light Language
  • Aligns you with your Divine 8 cell blueprint (This is another manifestation of the 8 sections of the Gma Star Pendant allowing you to connect to the New Planetary Grid at the point where 8 portals intersect to form the shape of the Ultra Tesserankh).
  • Allows you to bring in Light Language that communicates from the Quantum Light Field to your physical body.
  • Accesses your own Akashic Records using Light Language to unify your multi-dimensional selves for Ascension.
  • Amplifies Light language that sets up a scalar wave that encompasses all of your property and all of this lifetime’s acquaintances and their property.
  • Bypasses the “veil” going into your True Self and expanding your intuition. 
  • Sends Light Language into the power systems, phone systems, Wifi and cell networks to improve the efficiency, quality and reliability of these technologies and make them healthy for our bodies.
  • Attracts and understands the multidimensional, intuitive information in your life
  • Expands the ability to extract more detail from your intuition, and to pull from your own Akashic Record.
  • Promotes a fuller understanding of guidance from your other dimensional Masters, Teachers and Guides. 
  • Supports more facility light language bringing forth the magnificence of your multidimensional Self and all your past, concurrent, future and Ascended selves to freely create your life and fulfill your mission.

How to Use the Ultra TesserAnkh:

By placing it in an honored space in your home you enrich the vibratory quality of your environment for yourself and all those present. You will find that it will benefit you in many of the ways listed above.

To optimize this benefit for yourself Gma recommends each time you use the Ultra TesserAnkh that you call her in to use your eyes to direct you to the benefit(s) listed above that would be the most beneficial to you at this time. Then visualize these benefits being actualized within you and within the Planet. Remember, Gma will “check in on you” and automatically upgrade, change or downgrade the properties of the Ultra TesserAnkh according to what you need on a constant basis.

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Chandra's mission is to awaken you to be all you can be for the New Earth. She has developed high frequency coded tools in the form of products that clear obstacles, make changes at the cellular level, assist you to remember your gifts and root out the causes of your physical, mental and emotional challenges.