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Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving

Hello Soul Family!

FAMILY: This includes our biological family, our friends, our spiritual family and those who support us throughout the year with kindness in so many ways.

BLESSINGS: We bless the Earth for its bountiful continuous gifts to all living beings.

GENEROSITY: We give of ourselves as generously as we can with assistance and love.

SACRIFICE: We all make sacrifices for our family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, including strangers in times of trouble.

ABUNDANCE: That flows to us in a never-ending stream. Some examples are: A beautiful sunset, the ocean, the majesty of the mountains, the farmers who grow food to feed us, and the laughter of children.

GIFTS: All our gifts that we choose to share in this lifetime, such as love, compassion, wisdom, healing etc.

COMMUNITY: We are all one community.


I love you all,

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