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White Whales

Hello Soul Family!

Many have reported seeing more and more White Whales. These are the 3rd Dimensional version of the Cosmic White Whales that are protecting our Planet with their magenta cloak, the color of the Ascended Master Planetary Blueprint Architect, St. Germaine aka the 13th Dimensional Christ.

The White Whales are helping with the Great Planetary Shift that will begin this September. This Shift is part of the collapse of the corporate structures. It is imperative that we stay in our Heart in order to rise above the Negativity and Fear.

The Codes of Creation in all of us are activated thru the Solar Light and the Earth has long been encoded for this great Awakening. The Energy will expand the Heart and will allow our physical self to carry more Light. Enough Lightworkers have been connected to the New Grid I brought in February which is based on Love, Community and Cooperation that it is overtaking the Energy of the Old Grid which is based on Fear, Greed, Power, Control and Manipulation.

We Lightworkers can help the White Whales as they bring in the next level of Ascension by staying in our Hearts and embracing the New Grid Energies while working together for the Greater Good of All.

Remember, F-E-A-R is False Evidence Appearing Real.

I love you all,

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