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Valentine's Day

Hello Soul Family!

Valentine's Day is celebrated World Wide on February 14th of each year. People often buy flowers, chocolates, jewelry or other gifts for the special person in their lives.

I encourage you to spread the love of Valentine's Day everyday by opening your Heart and shining your Light on others. We can all do our part in raising the vibrations of the Planet and accelerating our own Ascension through simple acts of kindness like extending a smile to others or taking a moment to open the door for a stranger. These actions send rippling waves of Light energy through the Planet that helps to awaken others.

As a token of my Love and Appreciation for you being part of my Soul Family, I would like to offer you the gift of my Platinum Heart Meditation. Do this meditation once daily for the next 33 days. This will help you to connect to your Heart Center so you can more easily spread Love and Peace.

Click here to download your copy of my Platinum Heart Meditation.

I love you all,

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