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Hello Soul Family!

“What is time?  Time is a linear creation used by us in the 3rd dimension. We view time like this because we are bound by physical laws.

Many people outside of Western culture use time differently.  The Muslims are bound by the lunar calendar where months revolve counterclockwise, so every year, their celebrations fall earlier than the previous year.  Native Americans, Native Australians, many South American, Inuit, Mongol and African cultures used/use the sun and the seasons to tell time.

In reality, all time is simultaneous. There is no past, present or future. It is all happening NOW. This is why I do not answer time questions in my sessions. One of the things that makes me smile is when people ask me to tell them about ALL of their ‘past’ lives. Everyone on the Earth plane has millions of past lives from our constant agreements and contracts to reincarnate here again and again as humans, ETs, Angels, Ascended Masters etc.  I will tell the person of the past life that is most significant to their current life.

The acceptance of all time is now brings more peace and relaxation to our lives and slows down our aging process. Remember, there is no ‘time’.”

I love you all,

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