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The Eagle and the Conor

Hello Soul Family!

This is a time to think of Resurrection and Ascension as it applies to us. Resurrecting our True Whole Selves and going further on our Path to Ascension.

The Eagle and the Condor are also connected to both Resurrection and Ascension. They actually represent the brain and the heart. The brain is the material, rational and logical side of humanity. The Condor is the heart that is mystical and intuitive. An old prophecy predicted that the Eagle would cancel out the condor because we would be driven away from the Heart towards materialism. Now the pendulum has swung back to the Condor. A new Era has begun where both the Brain and the Heart have come together on the same Path. The Eagle and Condor will unite and create a third Being unlike any seen before.

There are many interpretations of this prophecy. It gives us the opportunity to raise our Consciousness onto a Higher Vibration so we can be the Ascended Beings which we have contracted to be.

Remember we bow to the Powerful Ones who have conquered themselves.

I love you all,

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