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The Dolphins

Hello Soul Family!

Dolphins are white whales.  They are the Stewarts of Mother Earth and the molecular librarians of the Akashic Records.

Unlike the whales who have inhabited the Earth for over 300 million years, the dolphins arrived 65 years ago. They imprinted their history into the archives of the Earth dating back 30 million years.

Some scientists have said that 20% of human DNA is called “Black Junk”.  They believe this because they do not know the purpose of this 20%.  However the scientists feel that the key to prevention and cure of present and future diseases is within Black Junk.

Dolphins are the keepers of the human DNA template.  They have the key to activate the DNA within the Black Junk to prevent and cure disease.

Remember our DNA is the code to our Evolution and Ascension.

I love you all,

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