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The Clan

Hello Soul Family!

In ancient times, every place of worship was a living temple, mosque or church in that it was a live force created from different calibers, categories, and qualities of humanity. All people regardless of tribe or clan went to healing temples, mosques and churches. But for specific purposes, people went only to their tribe or clan's place of worship creating an energetic force adhering to the tribe.

This was the way they understood genetics and how it functions. For thousands of years, people maintained their genetic line in this way. They never mixed up or did anything to disturb the genetic line. This was the way they ensured that their progeny came out well. They created a certain energy that traveled through the genetic line so everyone was connected to each other. The entire clan did not need to go to the temple. One person went and prayed in the mosque and everyone benefited because everyone in that tribe was connected.

This is why in most cultures the genetic lines were maintained so strictly in order to keep an established energy source for that particular DNA and genetic line with a direct connection to the Divine.

I love you all,

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