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The Chicken or the Egg

Hello Soul Family!

The Chicken or the Egg are two sides of the same coin. It is not possible to tell which one of them came first. Was there first a Chicken that laid an egg? Or was there first an Egg that hatched into a Chicken?

In a sense, this is similar to the story of Predestination and Free Will. Are we Predestined? Or do we have Free Will?

We all have had many lifetimes in the past, present and future on Planet Earth on other Galaxies and in other dimensions. All life experiences are contracts or agreements we have created and agreed to.

However, time is a linear thought pattern created by industrialized nations. Actually there is no past, present or future just the simultaneous NOW. In the simultaneous NOW anything and anyone can change according to the dictates of our Free Will. So all of our contracts and agreements are subject to cancellation, modification or renegotiation by us.

How can you change your contracts, agreements etc? Check out my MP3 entitled “Journey to Your Akashic Records”.  This will take you into your own Akashic Records where you can use your Free Will to change, modify or cancel contracts that no longer serve you. Click here to purchase the MP3.

I love you all,

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