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Hello Soul Family

Release the Old and Bring in the New. Prepare for the Great Transformation into the New Year of 2018 with Gma’s Holyday Packages.

Great Gifts for Self or Loved Ones who want to take the next step on their Path to Ascension.


Let Gma pick the 2 teleseminar recordings you need to upgrade your Vibrational Rate so you can Manifest what you desire more easily. Remember, the journey is the key. Every time you take the journey, Grandma will come in through space and time healing and upgrading you.

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Special Price $33.00 for 2 recordings. Regular $44.00

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HOLYDAY OFFERING #2 Prepare for 2018:

Get Gma’s Ascension Assist app. In preparation for the Energetic Changes of 2018 use this powerful tool to Clear Your Fields, Focus Your Mind and/or Attract More Light. This is the 2018 Path to achieving your Desires.

Would you like to buy the Ascension Assist App as a gift for a family member, friend, colleague or loved one? Purchase a Google Play or iTunes gift card and attach a note to use for the Ascension Assist App.

Great gift for self and Loved Ones. Price: $6.99

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HOLYDAY OFFERING #3 Remember Your Gifts:

Grandma is offering 2 Higher Chakra Oils:

The 10th chakra is Gold and resides above the ninth chakra. It is associated with the masculine principle of energy to go out, achieve and to live your dreams. This chakra helps you to focus your will to remove blockages and give your existence purpose.

11th Chakra is Silver and represents Christed Consciousness:

When the eleventh chakra is Activated, you are on the Path of the Ascension process. You can then manifest your true spiritual nature, such as simultaneous multidimensionality, teleportation, bi-location, telekinesis and instant manifestation of thought into matter thru the opening up of the Pineal or Christed Gland. It opens the channel of Prophecy through the Akashic Records.

Holiday Price: 44.00 + shipping, Regular 66.00 + shipping

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HOLYDAY OFFERING #4 Tune Up with Gma’s Higher Chakra Oils:

12th Chakra is Rainbow Color representing Archangelic Light: This opens the Portal into the Universe’s Restoration of Humankind’s true Whole Self that you agreed to relinquish at the time of the Fall. This becomes your Way and Path in all realities as the Ascended Master you truly are working with the Pituitary or Godhead Gland.

13th Chakra is Platinum Color and represents the Galactic Goddess Chakra: When you activate the 13th Chakra that of the Mother Goddess, you become a Portal or Stargate that allows the New Feminine Energy Grid that I brought in February 2016 to work through you bringing Peace, Cooperation, Love and Light to ALL Living Beings. This Chakra is associated with the Amygdala Gland ruler of your emotions and memories.

Holiday Price: 44.00 + shipping, Regular 66.00 + shipping

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HOLYDAY OFFERING #5 Activate Your Boundlessness:

Gma is offering 2 Higher Chakra Oils:

The 14th Chakra is where you surrender the mental mind and allow the Divine Mind to work through you. This is the starting point for your boundlessness. The color of this chakra is deep blue/violet.

The 15th Chakra allows you to merge with the I AM Presence in the Ascension process. You as human at this level are stable enough to handle this very high unfiltered Energy and Information coming to you from Source/ Creator. The color of this chakra is a pale golden white.

Holiday Price: 44.00 + shipping, Regular 66.00 + shipping

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Offers are available through January 1, 2018