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Schumann Resonance

Hello Soul Family!

Scientists started tracking the Schumann Resonance of Planet Earth 75 yrs ago. Since that time the frequency has remained at 7.83 Hertz (Hz) with only slight variation. In 2014, it spiked to 16 Hz. On Jan 31, 2017 it reached 40 Hz and in April 17 of this year it became 90 Hz.

Recently on July 27th, 2017 it was recorded at 538.83 Hz in Alberta, Canada and peaked at 1006.6 Hz a few days later on July 31st. Similar spikes have been reached in California, New Zealand and Lithuania.

The reason for such significant increases in the Heartbeat of Mother Earth/ Gaia is due to the new Frequencies that are coming into Planet Earth thru Portal networks that have been opened throughout the world. These increases are preparing the Planet for the 2017 September Equinox and beyond. These shifts are also affecting Light Workers and helping to bring about the Awakening, Cleansing and Purification necessary to keep up with Planetary Acceleration.

I love you all,

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