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Hello Soul Family!

Protection should always be used by Healing Practitioners no matter what their field. We wish to heal people without taking in or on any of the clients’ physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

Michael the Archangel is a very powerful Protector to call in. His sword can cut through all agreements, cords, contracts and ties that no longer serve us but hold us back. St. Germain, Sananda, the Ascended Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic White Whale are other sources of protection.

In these times we are also bombarded by the chaotic Electro Magnetic Frequencies from micro-waves, TVs, cell phones, electrical lines etc that are all around us. These things create holes in our auras allowing negative entities to enter removing us from our True Selves.

The constant use of protection restores us to who we truly are so we may help ourselves and others.

I love you all,

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