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Post Solstice

Hello Soul Family!

In these fields of healing Violet Light, that are showering down on you now, in the wake of the Summer Solstice, St Germain of the Violet Flame is lovingly gifting you with further Cleansing and Lifting of your Energies, individually, and collectively, as a Human Collective. This links us to the Crystalline Cetacean Collective that completely integrates and knits you into the New Gaian Planetary Ascending Entity.

As you keep Cleansing and Ascending, you emerge from the haziness of your current and former lives and scattered energies. Go through the Healing, Cleansing Violet Flame into the New Crystal Clarity of your emerging pristine Communities and the gorgeous Harmonies, Synchronicities and Creativities that you are all bringing forth individually and collectively.

By working in communion and partnership, you are evolving into your Multidimensional greater I AM Presence. Arm in arm with open heart resonating in your highest Love Light energies, we co-create your Heavenly New World.

I love you all,

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