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Planetary Pollution

Hello Soul Family!

Our Mother Earth has been staving off the effects of our abuse for a long time eg. our unbridled use of plastics, genetically modified food, water pollution, chemtrails, chaotic electromagnetic frequencies etc.

The tide is finally shifting where Our Mother is taking back control. Witness climate change. The Artic and Antartica’s glaciers are melting at a very rapid rate. How about the hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and drought to name a few of these changes?

To put this in perspective I have created a New Grid around the Planet that puts the Old Masculine Energy to rest while allowing the New Feminine Energy to come into fruition. The New Grid is also a recalibration of Mother Earth to bring her back into balance and offset the damage that has been done.

Remember, it is important to stand up and speak out. Regarding Our Mother, it is more important that we sit down and listen.

I love you all,

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