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Hello Soul Family!

Photons are subatomic particles that carry electromagnetic radiation and force. When electrons of a cell become excited, they emit photons in the form of packets of light caused by extra energy.

Photons exist in all matter including human cells. We are constantly emitting low levels of these light particles. Cellular oxidative stress increases the level of light coming from the photons and can indicate disease in the body. The human body has its own levels of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress. If the antioxidants go over their capacity disease will follow. This can be stopped by adding supplemental antioxidants so the light levels emitted return to normal.

One of the best ways to control cellular oxidative stress is to be centered and grounded. Walk in nature, meditate, read, relax with a good film, take time for friends can help to keep you centered and grounded.

I love you all,

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