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Hello Soul Family!

What is your PASSION? This is the question I ask you when you come to me and say you are confused. What is my Soul’s Purpose or Life Mission? What career should I choose to gain financial abundance? How can I attract a life partner?

What is your PASSION? Unless you are in your passion it is impossible to create what you want. We are all powerful Creators! To be in this passionate creative space we must keep our Vibrational Rate high. This is like walking on a Path in a cool sunny green forest. There are many animals and trees around us. Yes we acknowledge this but it does not stop us in our goal to walk to the end of the Path. On our Path we will come upon both negative and positive experiences. Embrace the positive and give NO MIND (meaning no part of your thoughts or energy) to the negative. By giving power to the negative we lower our vibration and stop ourselves from getting what we want.

How do we Lightworkers give power to the negative? The most common way is negative self talk from our programming. Another way is by acknowledging negativity from family, friends, co-workers etc. When we acknowledge the negative we bring our vibration down and go off the Path. If you have several choices before you in any area and are not sure which choice is the best contact me.

One way to keep our vibration high is to listen to a Gma teleseminar of your choice repeatedly. This will raise your vibration as I come in to work with you.

Remember, what you think of me is none of my business.

I love you all,

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