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Nineth Dimension

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Hello Soul Family!

On September 22, 2016 the arrival of the Autumn Equinox, Planet Earth advanced in frequency to the 9th dimension. The Earth is accelerating very rapidly on its path to Ascension. It was just over a month ago that the Planet rose to the 7th dimension on the Lions' Gate Portal of 08/08/2016.

Light workers and all who inhabit the planet are being affected by these major energy shifts. To help you embrace the New Energies and advance your Ascension along with Planet Earth, I recommend doing my "Platinum Heart Meditation" once per day for the next 33 days.

This meditation will help to Ground you and Open your Heart so you can more easily take in the Higher Frequencies and Increased Light that is coming into the planet as a result of the New Energy Shifts.

Click here to get a copy of my "Platinum Heart Meditation". 

I love you all,


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