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New Years Message 2016

Hello Soul Family!

The New Earth cycle is now into its fourth year. We started in 2012 with the end of the Mayan calendar. In 2016 we ALL have the opportunity to anchor Unity Consciousness deeper into Planet Earth.

Our Masters, Teachers and Guides are ever more present in our fields just waiting for us to invite them into our Consciousness by raising our Vibrational Rate.

Be conscious of your words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs since they are now being manifested more quickly than at any other time. Come from your Heart as we birth the New Year.

The Heart expands to meet the new ground from which you will create.
All creation begins anew, sparkles, swings, twirls with rainbow colors.
Light pours into the bodies to show the way.
Speak truth with confidence
Speak love with assurance
Be joy
Be Light
Be the Wayshower that you already are.
Be Love
Translated by Carol Mackay Mertz

I love you all,

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