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New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse

Hello Soul Family!

During the February 2017 New Moon an Annular Solar Eclipse will occur. The Sun appears behind the Moon as a very bright ring of light.

Solar Eclipses create the potential for huge personal and Planetary transformations. We have the opportunity to close a large chapter in our lives. What will emerge from this Annular Solar Eclipse is what we are called to be for the next chapter in our lives.

Over the next 6 months prior to the August 2017 Partial Lunar, Total Solar Eclipse we will be laying the foundation for great shifts in our lives, community and throughout the World. With the igniting of Spiritual Activism there is tremendous potential for Spiritual Wealth. Those who open their Heart and live in Service will receive back exponentially in good fortune, prosperity and happiness.

During this Piscean New Moon your inner-creativity will be enhanced and you may find yourself dreaming solutions to problems in your life or seeing new paths of opportunity beyond your perceived limitations. Dream big, bold, beautiful & joyously in order to create New Opportunities from a Higher Level of Consciousness.

I love you all,

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