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Make Up Your Mind

Hello Soul Family!

I am sure you have all heard the statement, “Come on, make up your mind!”  Many people think that this means they have to make a decision re: some event, person etc.  On the 3rd dimension, this is correct.

Let us look at the higher dimensional meaning of this phrase. When we put this phrase into intention, manifestation happens because we are in our Core Center of Mental/Emotional Strength and Power. We set the intention for the outcome of what we desire and no matter what happens along the way we never give any power to it.  We never swerve from the desired outcome.  This will give you the “keys” to make ithappen.

Example, we wanted to sell our rental property.  We stated, “Rental property sold to an investor, at the price we want with no problem with inspection and appraisal and closing within thirty days.”  We were led to Feng Shui the house, had an offer from an investor within 5 days and it closed within 30 days.

Considering that AZ is a buyers’ market right now and the house was on the market several months before we started the statement of intention, this is miraculous.

Remember, “Eyes on the prize.”

I love you all,

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