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Lions' Gate Energy

Hello Soul Family!

Lions' Gate Energy August 8, 2016

There are 3 eights in this date:
The 8th month, the 8th day and year by adding 6 plus 2.

The Master Number 88 expresses Infinity, Unlimited Understanding coupled with Compassion and Mercy.

Gifts: Protection and the Highest Consciousness

The Lions' Gate introduces Planet Earth to the 7th Dimension. Everyone will feel change both positive and negative. The more sensitive Light Workers will feel it before Third dimensional Workers. Some will experience joy others anxiety, others the feeling of something big about to happen.

This energy will be with us throughout 2016.
Sirius B will send codes and frequencies through the Lions' Gate.

It is our opportunity to embrace the 7th dimension. Those who Ascend to the 7th dimension will receive clear communication from their Guides and Ascended Masters who they have contracted to work with.

I love you all,

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