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Integrating Wisdom

Dear Soul Family,

To prepare for the tremendous downloads of information that we are all receiving consciously or subconsciously, I want to help you integrate this new Knowledge/Wisdom. One easy way to do this is to place yourself in a crystal circle. Use any 13 crystals that you have on hand. They can be any shape or color.

Why 13? This number represents the Cosmic White Whale, our Planetary Protector and the Ascended Christed Being. This will take you into the 13th Dimensional Portal where we can do Self and Planetary Blueprint repair, vital to assimilating the new information.

The time you remain in this circle either sitting or laying down is up to you. Call me in to work with you when you enter this 13th Dimensional Portal.

Remember, repairing our Blueprint and that of the Planet is primary to changing ourselves in the 3rd Dimension.

I love you all,

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