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Full Moon In Scorpio

Hello Soul Family!

The Full Moon in Scorpio May 10, 2017 is an opportunity to "Tune In to Your Personal Power".

Usually the Full Moon is a time of release and let go however, the power of this Scorpio Moon propels your desires into the Cosmos. Call on your Masters, Teachers, Angels and Guides for guidance to understand Your Personal Power knowing that they are standing by to assist you.

Scorpio, the Planet of Death as Transformation, Resurrection, Creativity, sexual and otherwise is the most powerful Planet/Moon especially so for reaching out to the Ancients, your Ancestors and Guardians from the other side. It is believed to be one of the best Full Moons for Magic, Mystery and Manifestation work.

Transformation will occur under this Full Moon and everyone is going to feel it on some level. When you are in Your Personal Power, know that all difficulties are dissolved.

I love you all,

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