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Full Moon

Hello Soul Family!

The August Full Moon on the 18th is the end of a cycle that started in March of this year. This cycle was about Clear out the Old to make room for the New. The Old is all the things that no longer serve you that are keeping you from becoming Who You Truly Are.

April to July was a time of Self Contemplation to understand your Passion and put yourself on the Path to Achievement. During this time you may have experienced feeling ungrounded, not trusting your own feelings, indecision, inability to stand up for oneself, feeling a lack of direction or the one step forward two steps back cycle, fear and/or physical discomforts.

All of this confusion is ending and the August Full Moon will bring everything to a happy conclusion of Closure and Completion. As you begin your New Cycle, the Full Moon will clearly light your Path.

I love you all,

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