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Frequency Shifts

Hello Soul Family!

September 2016 is a very powerful month energetically in which 3 major events occur.

The first event was the 9-9-9 Portal Gateway Frequency Shift that happened on September 9th. This was the last day of a cycle that began 9 years ago in 2008.

Next is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that occurs today on September 16th. This is also known as the "Harvest Moon". This Pisces Full Moon eclipse is here to dissolve what separates you from Spirit and your True Self.

Finally, the Fall Equinox on September 22nd is connected to the Harvest Moon. As we transition from Summer into Fall, it is a time to harvest the seeds of desire that we planted during the Spring Equinox.

These events create transformational shift points that facilitate the Ascension of Planet Earth as the Energetic Frequencies increase and more Light is able to come into the Planet.

I love you all,

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