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Frequency and Vibration

Hello Soul Family!

The best way to check the status of your Frequency & Vibration is to go into your own mind and feelings.You know best how you feel.

Low energy? Feeling off? Like you’re out of the body? Struggling to get things done? Irritable? Depressed? Do you feel like life is passing you by? This shows that your Frequency and Vibration are at a low level.

When you are at the correct Frequency and Vibration, your Energy will flow naturally and easily, you will have a sense of well being feeling peaceful and grounded. Some people say it is like being on top of the world. In this energetic flow, the messages from you Masters, Teachers and Guides can be heard.

Use my Platinum Heart Meditation to take you into your Higher Heart raising your Frequency and Vibrational Rate. Click here to get your copy.

This picture is me sending LOVE to the Universe. This is what you will feel like when your Frequency and Vibration are resonating.

I love you all,

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