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Fall Equinox 2016

Hello Soul Family!

The fall of 2016 brings us the Autumn Equinox that has shifted the Earth into a Higher Frequency.

The Planet has moved into the 9th dimension. As the Planet shifts energetically, so do many of the Light Workers who are ready to make the transition to Higher Frequencies.

The 9th dimension is where the Archangels and Ascended Master reside. There are two groups of Humans: Angelics and ETs.

It is time for us to claim our power. Master Numbers are associated with Ascension. Anyone with Master Numbers in their birth date chose to come to Earth to assist with Ascension.

The Equinox is time for you to stand in your Power and let go of fear and doubt. Stand in your magnificence as an Ascended Master or an Angel.

Click here to download the Master Numbers.

I love you all,

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