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Fall Equinox 2015

Hello Soul Family!

The Fall Equinox of 2015 is one of the most transformational shifts that planet Earth has ever experienced. The Feminine energies of the New Grid have now overtaken the male dominant energies of the old grid.

As a result we will experience many shifts over the coming months as corporate structures whose main focus was control, greed and power will become exposed and topple. This is a time of huge positive changes which we have been preparing for for thousands of years. The society that we know today will look very different a year from now.

The Shift in Energies during this period will cause much chaos and many people even Lightworkers will feel very uncomfortable as they shed the old in order to prepare for the new. I have created a New Equinox 2015 Meditation to help you through this shift. Do this mediation once daily from now through the 11:11 Shift, November 11th, 2015Click here to download my Meditation.

I love you all,

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