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Hello Soul Family!

A dimension is a point of perception not an actual place that we must go. Those living in the 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensional consciousness or beyond are experiencing the same reality, but on a different level of perception.

Some of us experience multiple dimensions simultaneously. One dimension is no better than the other. Each soul is experiencing Ascension in their own perfect time according to their contracts and agreements made prior to this incarnation.

The 3rd dimension is a more physical reality where we tend to see things as black or white, right or wrong and are occupied with survival, material possessions and labeling.

The 4th dimension is a transitional dimension where we are less preoccupied with material gain and more a seeker of knowledge and truth. We may become politically active against the injustices of the system; see meat eating or watching the news as abhorrent.

In the 5th dimension and beyond, we see ourselves as an ever changing field of consciousness and ALL lies within us. Our fears and judgments drop away as we know that we have the power to change and create our own lives with LOVE.

I love you all,

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