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Hello Soul Family!

Many have noticed that time is speeding up, weather patterns are changing and energies are shifting. These are some of the changes we are experiencing as Planet Earth goes through its transformation and purification.

The New Planet called the 8 Pointed Star situated over Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada is intensifying the energies of Planet Earth and strengthening the New Grid which I put in place in February of 2015. The New Grid is based on the Feminine Energy of Love, Acceptance and Cooperation.

With this shift many Light Workers are feeling the need to change careers, start their own business or relocate so they can be in alignment with their soul's mission and purpose in this lifetime.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in your career or any facet of your life acknowledge it. Then sit down and take some time to write down what would make you truly happy. Although you may not know on a conscious level the exact career or business you will have in the future. On a soul level you know what will make you truly happy.

Take a piece of paper or open a fresh document on your computer and make note of what is missing in your life right now. Is it more time with your family? Being able to pick your kids of from school? Whatever it is write it down.

Next take your list of what's missing and start creating a description of what your ideal career would look like based on your heart's desire. Example do you want to work from home or outside the home? Do you want set hours or flexible hours? Do you want to work as a team or on your own? Etc

You can do this same exercise for relocating to a new home or new city or any other part of your life where you are feeling a need for change.

With this heightened energy comes the ability to more easily manifest what you desire. The clearer you are about what you truly desire in your life and career etc the more easily you can manifest and bring it forth.

I love you all,

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