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Blood Moon

Hello Soul Family!

The Lunar Cycle is a relatively stable part of your life. It starts with a New Moon that sweeps out the old month for a fresh start. This is where you sow your seeds of intention. It ends in a Full Moon where you harvest your intentions.

On July 27, 2018 we have a Total Lunar Eclipse, the longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century. It will last 103 minutes and brings the most intense transformations within the past 18 years.

This total lunar eclipse intensifies the effects of the full moon in Aquarius with infinite power. Full Moons aren't uncommon and blood moons aren't unbelievably rare. It is the harbinger of one the most intense transformations we've undergone in the last 18 years. Because that's just what a total lunar eclipse does. It brings significant change to our lives.

The Blood Moon is a time of major "release and let go" so you can bring your desires to fruition. You can also expect Emotional Intensity in the form of harsh truths, heightened sexuality and heightened energy due to your shadow selves being revealed as the Blood Moon vigorously pushes you toward change. What's left after the Blood Moon is meant to remain in your life currently.

So if you are feeling anxious, depressed or fearful after the Blood Moon due to some of the more difficult transformations, know that all of these events have propelled you onto your next step that could not be taken without these changes.

Remember, the Path to Ascension is never straight.

I love you all,

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