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Hello Soul Family!

Many of us have chosen to reincarnate on this Earth to assist our Planet with Ascension. This is the contract we made before we came here. In the density of the 3rd dimension we have forgotten why we are here and feel out of place, don’t fit in. People don’t understand us. I know my Mom has felt this way for most of her life. I have lived most of my life internally or in the other dimensions. I know exactly what to do there and how to be.

It is up to us who have not yet been able to connect to our Star/Soul Family to search out like minded Souls to be in community. This can take many forms. One of the easiest ways to connect with those who share similar interests is to find Meet Up groups in your area. They are nationwide. Pick subjects that are of interest to you and join. Most of these groups are free or have a minimal cost. You will meet many wonderful Souls with whom you can share.

Click here to find local meet up groups.

Another way to belong is to deepen your connection with your Star Family who is always around you. When you feel, see or hear them thank them for contacting you and ask them what message they have for you. One of the ways they connect with you is when you see Master Numbers Eg: 7:11, 3:30, 9:55 on a clock, signs, license plates, addresses, phone numbers etc.

Remember I am one of your Star Family.

I love you all,

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